Buy Your Tattoo Supplies from Skin Deep Studios

Skin Deep Studios has a wide variety of retail tattooing products available for purchase. Stop by our store to choose from power supplies, professional inks in a rainbow of colors, sanitizing supplies and much much more!


Visit our store at 1990 W. Apache Trail #1 to browse an extensive supply of merchandise including Skin Deep Studio t-shirts!
All Tattooing Supplies Including:
• Machines (Traditional & Rotary)
• Power supplies
• Clip cords
• Stencil supplies
• Gloves
• Disinfectant products
• Sharps containers
• Many brands of ink
• Ink caps
• Needles
• Tube & Grips
• Combos (tube, needle & grips)
• Artwork by different artists
• Jewelry for piercing (all types for all piercings)
• Piercing plugs in many sizes
• Rings
• Bracelets
• Necklaces
• Keychains
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